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What's New on Hadran

The most recent podcasts and articles from our team of authors and contributors. Check out our Hebrew contributors too.

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If You Say You Had a Good Dream, Then Your Dream Was Good

A challenging daf, not only because it's long (this section...
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Hailstones Hovering in the Air

In which we reach the final stretch of Masekhet Berakhot...
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The Flame of the Candle Is Always a New Flame

In which there's a whole lot of healthy perspective on...
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Ignore That Voice from Heaven Telling You What to Do

In which a bat kol tells us that the halakhah...
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What Would Make YOU Smash 400 Barrels of Wine?

In which -- of course! -- we're talking about Yalta....
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The daf is still talking about zimun, but it jumps...
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Eat When You Want

Who's Who: The Resh Galuta, his role, and the implications...
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When Abaye and Rava Were Little Kids

My apologies for the very belated arrival of this post....
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Ignoramuses in Our Midst

  So much to discuss, so little time. Some days...
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God’s Favor: The Corpses Did Not Decompose

Making sense, maybe, of the whole daf, maybe, for a...
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Zimun vs. Bentsching. Also Women

You already know much of what is on this daf....
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Were Hazal on Drugs?

The idea that anything could displace HaMotzi as the most...
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