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September 20, 2021 | י״ד בתשרי תשפ״ב | TODAY'S DAF: Beitzah 21 - First Day of Sukkot, September 21

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Shabbat 88: Who Needs Free Will Anyway?

Were Bnei Yisrael forced to keep the Torah? That seems...
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Shabbat 87: Which Do You Want First — Good News or Bad News?

When did the giving of the Torah actually take place?...
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Shabbat 86: No Comfort Hugs at Mount Sinai?

The fourth of the four asmakhtah mishnayot, with four topics...
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Shabbat 85: How Much Agriculture Did the Rabbis Really Know?

Asmakhtah, again. And a whole new discussion: kilayim, the prohibition...
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Shabbat 84: Little Boxes, Impure Boxes

What's What: Midras tumah. When boxes are contaminated, as it...
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Shabbat 83: A Ship Is Not Impure

The importance of context, when the backdrop of idolatry shows...
daf yomi One week at a time (1)

Shabbat 75-81 – Daf Yomi: One Week at a Time

This week we continue learning about the 39 Melachot and...
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Shabbat 82: When Everyone Has a Remedy for You

A nod of appreciation to the topic of witchcraft. Also:...
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Shabbat 81: Bathroom Etiquette and Shabbat

How heavy is the rock you throw at a bird?...
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Shabbat 80: How Not to Prepare Your Daughter for Marriage

More on blue eye shadow: whoever shadows just one eye?!...
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The Importance of Talmud Torah

Join Rabbanit Michelle Farber on Beit Avi Chai's Pirkei Avot...
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Shabbat 79: Recycling Sifrei Torah (No)

When carrying becomes a topic of documents and of receipts...
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