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May 28, 2022 | ื›ืดื– ื‘ืื™ื™ืจ ืชืฉืคืดื‘ | TODAY'S DAF: Yevamot 82 - Shabbat May 28

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Eat When You Want

Who's Who: The Resh Galuta, his role, and the implications...
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When Abaye and Rava Were Little Kids

My apologies for the very belated arrival of this post....
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Ignoramuses in Our Midst

  So much to discuss, so little time. Some days...
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God’s Favor: The Corpses Did Not Decompose

Making sense, maybe, of the whole daf, maybe, for a...
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Zimun vs. Bentsching. Also Women

You already know much of what is on this daf....
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Were Hazal on Drugs?

The idea that anything could displace HaMotzi as the most...
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Dress Up a Pig and It Will Still Roll in the Mud

It's another daf of tidbits -- or rather, a daf...
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Warning: Gluten Ahead

In which the Talmud again drives home just how different...
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A Barley-Grain-Sized Piece of Bone from a Corpse

A challenging episode to title ๐Ÿ™‚ The idea that HaMotzi...
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Adam and Eve Ate What?!

In which all this talk of fruit brought the daf...
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What’s Better Than Sliced Bread?

In which Yardaena tackles two stories of halakhic application that...
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Breaking Bread

In which the Gemara dives deep to address the formulation...
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