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June 25, 2021 | ט״ו בתמוז תשפ״א | TODAY'S DAF: Yoma 74


Daf Thoughts

Daf Thoughts are personal reflections from women learning Daf Yomi. This space provides the opportunity for learners to share their insights about a particular debate, individual or idea that spoke to them personally over the course of their learning.

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Counting as Mindfulness – Daf Thoughts by Shoshana Baker

By Daf Thoughts / June 10, 2021 | ל׳ בסיון תשפ״א

  Counting as Mindfulness   One of the highlights of Kohen Gadol’s Yom Kippur service was sprinkling the blood in the Holy of Holies. No…

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The Layers of Kimchit by Yafit Fishbach-Rosen

By Daf Thoughts / June 3, 2021 | כ״ג בסיון תשפ״א

  At the beginning of chapter five of tractate Yoma, the Gemara tells a string of stories about the Kohen Gadol, R’ Yishmael ben Kimchit.…

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The Divine Lottery – Daf Thoughts by Erica Schwartz

By Daf Thoughts / May 26, 2021 | ט״ו בסיון תשפ״א

  I have always been fascinated by the Avodah section of the Yom Kippur service. I try to imagine what it was like during the…

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Yishai Ribo, Rav Solevechik, and the Kohen Gadol – Daf Thoughts by Adina Hagege

By Daf Thoughts / May 19, 2021 | ח׳ בסיון תשפ״א

The third perek of Masechet Yoma spends many words discussing the exact nature of the immersions and hand washings performed by the Kohen Gadol on…

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A Lottery for Spirituality – Daf Thoughts by Shuli Bendheim Steinlauf

By Daf Thoughts / May 13, 2021 | ב׳ בסיון תשפ״א

A common theme that weaves through Masechet Yoma establishes a certain energy in the Beit Hamikdash at all times. Avoda is constantly happening in all…

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The Sound of Silence – Daf Thoughts by Shoshana Baker

By Daf Thoughts / May 6, 2021 | כ״ד באייר תשפ״א

  The technical details about the removal of the ashes from the altar generate debate on Yoma 20 about the labor intensive job that the…

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