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Inspiring Women to Learn Talmud

Today's Daf Yomi

Berakhot 20

Rav Papa asked Abaye why miracles happened in previous generations but do not happen to them? Women, Canaanite slaves and children are exempt from shema and tefillin but are obligated...

The Value of Talmud

Talmud is the foundation of Jewish tradition, the basis of Halacha and Jewish thought. Studying Talmud is challenging, exciting, and immerses learners in collective Jewish knowledge. Having access to the richness of Jewish tradition from its sources strengthens women’s Jewish roots, enhances their ability to contribute to the Jewish community, and improves the Jewish future.

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Women's Siyum HaShas - January 2020

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Hadran is the only organization dedicated exclusively to inspiring and enabling Jewish women across the world to learn Talmud.

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