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Today's Daf Yomi

Bava Metzia 45 – Shabbat April 13th

This is the daf for Shabbat. For Friday鈥檚 daf please click here. Beit Shamai and Beit Hillel have a debate regarding trading maaser sheni coins from silver to gold coins....

Beyond the Daf

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Money, Money, Money! – On Second Thought

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Bava Metzia: 36-42 – Daf Yomi One Week at a Time

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Din & Daf: Borrowing without Permission

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Bury the Money?! – Gefet

The Value of Studying Talmud

Talmud is the foundation of Jewish tradition, the basis of Halacha and Jewish thought. Studying Talmud is challenging, exciting, and immerses learners in collective Jewish knowledge. For women to have access to the richness of Jewish tradition from its sources strengthens their鈥檚 Jewish roots, enhances their ability to contribute to the Jewish community, and improves the future of Jewish women.

About Hadran

Hadran is the only organization dedicated exclusively to inspiring and enabling Jewish women across the world to study Talmud and Daf Yomi.

Siyum 2020

Witness the excitement and energy of the Hadran Global Siyum HaShas 2020, with over 3,000 women

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