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About Hadran

We aim to inspire Jewish women鈥檚 interest in learning Talmud, providing them with unique, practical, women-taught resources to advance their learning at all levels and at their own pace.

Founded in 2018, Hadran aims to make Talmud study accessible to Jewish women at all levels. It does so in a unique way: by providing a wide range of resources 鈥 daily Talmud study support, commentary, topical shiurim, insights 鈥 in the voice of women teachers.

These resources present the material in clear ways, with explorations of context and explanations of basic Talmudic assumptions, making them interesting, engaging, and meaningful. Hadran believes that an accessible digital hub of Talmud study will advance women鈥檚 Talmud learning worldwide.

Our Goals

We are living in a remarkable time in Jewish history, a time when women learning and teaching Torah at high levels is almost commonplace. Talmud, however, remains more in the purview of men. Hadran鈥檚 goal is to change the paradigm, offering women at all levels of knowledge the tools they need to study Talmud, at their own pace and whatever way suits them 鈥 whether in a class, as part of a chavruta, or on their own. In addition, by providing support in the voice of female teachers, Hadran hopes to provide role models that advance the status of women in the world of Talmud.


The Hadran Team


Meet the Hadran Team

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    Rabbanit Michelle Farber - Co-Founder & Program Director

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    Maggie Sandler - Program & Communications Manager

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    Mimi Schachat - Administrative Assistant

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    Special Projects Writing Team

    Rachel Stern-Monitz, Hamutal Erlich, Keren Rosenberg, Yael Nitzanim

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    Shoshana Baker - Co-Founder

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    Estie Agus & Dana Rubinstein - Co-Chairs

Registered Non-Profit

Hadran is a registered non-profit organization/Amuta in Israel.

To view Hadran Registered Amuta Documentation, Click here

Support Hadran

Your support is critical to our success. Please consider a donation to Hadran and help us engage with and support women around the world in their study of Talmud.

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