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From the Press

Halachic Power Couple

September 21, 2022

鈥淢ost women don鈥檛 even understand that they should have access to these texts, and that鈥檚 one of the things I鈥檓 trying to change,鈥 she told The Jerusalem Report. 鈥淭his book (the Talmud) is critical to you to be a part of the Jewish culture, community, and tradition.鈥

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Not Your Average Daf Yomi Shiur At The Young Israel Of Jamaica Estates

August 3, 2022

It takes something really special to fill a聽beis midrash聽on a random Tuesday evening in the middle of the summer. The Young Israel of Jamaica Estates did just that, as it inaugurated its newly renovated聽beis midrash with an exceptional presentation...

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Women鈥檚 Siyum HaShas One Year Later: Hadran Drives Revolutionary Change in Talmud Study

January 07, 2021

Rabbanit Michelle Cohen Farber wakes up at 4:45 a.m. every day. One cup of coffee later, she powers on her computer and connects via Zoom from her home in Ra鈥檃nana to teach her first Daf Yomi lesson of the day鈥攖his one in Hebrew.

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Rabbanit Michelle Farber on "That's Life"

January 7, 2021

Listen to Rabbanit Michelle Farber's live interview recording from Nachum Segal Network's "That's Life" with Miriam L. Wallach.

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Women鈥檚 Talmud Study Picks Up During the Pandemic

January 4, 2021

The current cycle of 鈥楧af Yomi鈥 learning has seen more resources aimed at women from all levels of observance.


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A Revolution in Jewish Learning, With Women Driving Change

Jan. 4, 2020

For centuries, Talmud study has been the domain of men. Through Hadran, women are increasingly embracing it.

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Rabbanit Michelle Cohen Farber Teaches the Daf at Rinat

February 27, 2020

On Thursday evening, February 20, a large gathering of men and women assembled at Congregation Rinat Yisrael to participate in a Daf Yomi learning session offered by Rabbanit Michelle Cohen Farber.

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The Woman Leading a Revolution in Talmud Learning

February 25, 2020

On Jan. 5, thousands of Jewish people gathered in a hall in Jerusalem for Siyum HaShas, the celebration marking the completion of the seven-and-a-half year Daf Yomi cycle of Talmud study.

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Standing up for Talmud Study

February 14, 2020

Michelle Farber brings her Daf Yomi experience to Teaneck. The Talmud is the "basis of everything" Rabbanit Michelle Cohen Farber said. "Most of our Judaism comes from the Talmud, and learning it creates a different understanding of our tradition and our religion."

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Orthodox Jewish Women Take A New Lead In Talmud Study In Israel

February 2, 2020

Among devout Orthodox Jews, the intense study of Talmud is no longer just a man's world. Women are increasingly delving into this central religious work, and American expats in Israel are at the forefront of the trend.

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A first-of-its-kind Jerusalem event shows that Talmud learning is for women, too

Jan. 10, 2020
What does one wear to the first major celebration of women鈥檚 achievements in Talmud learning, a 鈥渂efore and after鈥 moment that will affect our community for ages to come?

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Orthodox women seek bigger role as Jews end Talmud cycle

Jan. 7, 2020
As Orthodox Jews worldwide conclude a grueling marathon of daily Talmud study, a growing number of Israeli women have joined the effort, spotlighting collapsing gender barriers in the male-dominated community.

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In Jerusalem, the world of Talmud study fetes its newest superstars 鈥 women

Jan. 6, 2020
An event marks the culmination of a 7.5-year daily gemara cycle 鈥 and a crescendo in decades of efforts by teachers to wrest Jewish texts from men鈥檚-only clubs

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Thousands gather to celebrate women鈥檚 Talmud study in Jerusalem

January 6, 2020

Come in: There鈥檚 Room Now for Women Too in Talmud Learning. -Ilana Blumberg

On a cold night in Jerusalem, more than 3300 women and men gathered for the first public celebration of women鈥檚 Siyum HaShas.

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First mass women鈥檚 Daf Yomi celebration to take place in Jerusalem

December 16, 2019

On January 4 next year, the seven and a half year cycle of Talmud study in which a double-sided folio page of Talmud is studied every day, will be completed.

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Talmud study isn鈥檛 just for men

December 16, 2019

A quiet revolution is taking place in women's learning.

For the past 2,600 or so days Michelle Cohen Farber has opened up her home in Ra鈥檃nana at 8.15am sharp to a group of women of all ages to teach them聽daf yomi聽鈥 a daily page 鈥 of the Babylonian Talmud.

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Interviews and Blogs

Orthodox Conundrum Podcast

May 9, 2023

Scott Kahn interviews Rabbanit Michelle Farber in "Orthodox Women & Talmud Study: Setting Higher Standards and Goals"

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1,000 Days of Trying

By Romi Sussman |聽September 30, 2022

I put my ego aside, I showed up as a novice, and I worked hard. And I've discovered that I'm worth the effort and struggle to attempt something new... And now, with 1,000 days of trying behind me, I marvel at the commitment and the love of learning.

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Interview with Simon Brooke

May 14, 2021

Read Rabbanit Michelle Farber's answers to Simon Brooke's questions aimed to inspire others with Jewish-oriented wisdom and knowledge.

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Rabbanit Michelle Farber on the Valley Beit Midrash with Rabbi-Shmuly Yanklowitz.

May 12, 2021

How has learning the daf affected your life? What is your favorite Talmud quote? How is anchoring your learning specifically with Talmud unique in the face of other options?
These and more questions answered.
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Moshe Dayan, Daf Yomi & Dreams

March 3, 2020

There are so many concerns in the world today; so many ways to focus on our emotional, physical and spiritual health. The world is bracing for more coronavirus outbreaks... Every day for the last 60, I鈥檝e enjoyed an escape from the swirl of current day chaos.

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The Women Who Made Talmud Study Less Intimidating

Jan. 15, 2020

The women who have been learning a page of Talmud a day since 2012, when the last seven and a half year聽Daf Yomi聽cycle have created a new reality with their study.

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The Next Women鈥檚 Siyum ha-Shas

January 15, 2020

Like most people at the Hadran聽Siyum ha-Shas for women on January 5 in Jerusalem, I hadn鈥檛 actually finished聽Shas聽myself. But it didn鈥檛 matter.

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Reflections on a Magnanimous Night of Historic Proportions

January 7, 2020

The experts say to sleep on it because things will always seem brighter and clearer in the morning. And as such, hence my reflections from the morning after a night of most magnanimous historic proportions.

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For a few short hours鈥 at the Women鈥檚 Siyum HaShas

January 6, 2020

For a few short hours, I felt no tension. Just pure joy, sweetness, love, inspiration and awe. It was the Hadran Siyum Hashas for women in Jerusalem, and the feeling was electrifying and deeply meaningful and fulfilling all at once.

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I thought of my daughter as the women said hadran

January 6, 2020

I sat in a room full of people today, watching a live stream of聽Hadran鈥檚Siyum聽HaShas聽for women, and thought, what a time to be alive.

And I also thought of you, my daughter.

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