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Bat Mitzvah

Mazal Tov on Becoming a Bat Mitzvah!

Becoming a 鈥渂at mitzvah鈥 means that you have reached the age of Jewish maturity. You are now responsible for your own religious activity. One way many Jewish girls mark this occasion is by taking on a learning project, either alone, or with their mothers/fathers or older sisters/brothers as a bonding experience.

Talmud is a wonderful place to focus your efforts. Learning Talmud is challenging (in a good way!), will teach you to question critically and debate, and will immerse you in fundamental Jewish knowledge.

There are many masechtot (tractates) to choose from, dealing with topics ranging from civil law and marriage to Shabbat and holidays. You can decide what appeals most to you 鈥 learning about more universal human themes or specific Jewish practice. Get started here!

How to Use Hadran for Your Bat Mitzvah

Hadran is here to support your learning by providing digital resources that will allow you to study at your own pace and your own level. You can explore the Talmud by the Daf to get straight to a specific page of text or access shiurim about particular pages or topics. Best of all, Hadran's resources are created by women teachers, so you鈥檒l learn from some wonderful role models.

Relevant Shiurim for Bat Mitzvah

We recommend getting started with these pages of Talmud


Berakhot 2

What is the time range in which one can say the prayer of Shema at night? Why did the mishna...

Taanit 2

Today鈥檚 daf is sponsored by Diana Bloom in loving memory of her grandmother Ita Rosa...

Megillah 2

On what days is it possible to read the Megillah? On what does it depend?...

Makkot 2

There are certain exceptions to the rule when false witnesses do not聽receive the punishment "that...
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