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Anne Gordon and Yardaena Osband

Anne Gordon is the deputy editor of Ops & Blogs at The Times of Israel. She is a veteran educator, having taught in high school and post-high school institutions in Israel and America for several decades.
Yardaena Osband is a pediatrician and teaches in her community and online. They both hail from Boston, proud alumna of Maimonides School, where they first learned Gemara.
Talking Talmud is their conversation (via podcast) on the daf yomi. They say: "Learning the daf? We have something for you to think about. Not learning the daf? We have something for you to think about! (Along with a taste of the daf...)
Join the conversation with us!"

Recent Posts

Pesachim 53: A Jewish Leader in Rome

By Anne and Yardaena / January 13, 2021 | כ״ט בטבת תשפ״א

Defining Israel’s topography based on what grows where. Also, more on different practices in different places. Beginning with commerce between Jews and non-Jews, in the…

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Pesachim 52: Breaking Yom Tov

By Anne and Yardaena / January 12, 2021 | כ״ח בטבת תשפ״א

More on practices that change from place to place. Including travel on the second day of yom tov. [What’s What: Makat mordot] And transporting shemitah…

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Pesachim 51: In Trouble for NOT Following the Local Practice

By Anne and Yardaena / January 11, 2021 | כ״ז בטבת תשפ״א

Following the practice in the place that you’re in: 3 examples, including a certain kind of wide shoes. As discovered by those who violate those…

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Pesachim 29: Prohibition Combos

By Anne and Yardaena / December 20, 2020 | ה׳ בטבת תשפ״א

More comparisons between chametz and hekdesh – including the phenomenon of the prohibition of food, and including chametz that is hekdesh on Pesach. Plus: Another…

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Pesachim 28: Dumpster Diving

By Anne and Yardaena / December 19, 2020 | ד׳ בטבת תשפ״א

Rejecting R. Yehudah’s conclusion based on his own rationale, in the sharpest of terms. Also: Crumbling chametz and throwing it into the wind or the…

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Pesachim 27: Extreme Burn

By Anne and Yardaena / December 18, 2020 | ג׳ בטבת תשפ״א

Intermingling of that wish is permitted with that which is forbidden – in complex ways. For example, baking bread with wood from an orlah tree.…

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Pesachim 26: In the Shadow of the Beit HaMikdash

By Anne and Yardaena / December 17, 2020 | ב׳ בטבת תשפ״א

Getting benefit from something, unintentionally. Abaye’s example is a story of R. Yochanan ben Zakkai enjoying shade from the wall of the Beit HaMikdash, as…

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Pesachim 25: Undesirable Benefits

By Anne and Yardaena / December 16, 2020 | א׳ בטבת תשפ״א

Milk and meat, as prohibited foods – where does the prohibition against benefit for in, or does it? The comparison to orlah, and why they…

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Pesachim 24: The Role of Normalcy in Floggings

By Anne and Yardaena / December 15, 2020 | כ״ט בכסלו תשפ״א

Our learning today is in honor of Deborah Spector, on her birthday, dedicated by her chevruta, Cindy Barnard. More What’s What on “kal va-chomer.” Also…

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Pesachim 23: The Process of Elimination

By Anne and Yardaena / December 14, 2020 | כ״ח בכסלו תשפ״א

More on the prohibitions against eating that counter R. Abahu’s claim that a prohibition against benefit comes with the eating prohibition. Hizkiyah chimes in as…

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