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Meet the Author

Shulie Mishkin

Shulie Mishkin made Aliyah from New York with a Master's degree in Jewish History from Columbia University. After completing the Ministry of Tourism guide course in 1997, she began guiding professionally and has since taught and guided all ages, from toddlers to retirees. Her tours provide a complete picture of the land of Israel and Jewish heritage, with a strong reliance on sources ranging from the Bible to 19th century travelers' reports. Alongside her regular guide work, she teaches "tour and text" courses in the Jerusalem institutions of Pardes and Matan as wel as the Women's Bet Midrash in Efrat and provides tours for special needs students in the “Darkaynu” program.

Shulie lives in Alon Shvut with her husband Jonathan and their five kids.

Recent Posts

The Sweet Smell of Afarsemon

By Shulie Mishkin / March 31, 2020 | ו׳ בניסן תש״פ

There are many references in the Gemara to apharsemon. We learn that one of the things that a woman cannot carry on Shabbat is a…

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People Who Live in Glass Houses

By Shulie Mishkin / March 22, 2020 | כ״ו באדר תש״פ

Shabbat 15-16 People Who Live in Glass Houses These pages contain a discussion about at which historical point glass vessels were considered capable of becoming…

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Shabbat 6 What Does Your Neighborhood Look Like?

By Shulie Mishkin / March 12, 2020 | ט״ז באדר תש״פ

Masechet Shabbat has begun and with it a whole slew of new and complex concepts. We are talking about the reshuyot, the different areas where…

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Seeing is believing: Sukkah 51

By Shulie Mishkin / March 26, 2014 | כ״ד באדר ב׳ תשע״ד

In its list of superlatives (the greatest party, greatest building, etc) our Gemara includes the Great Synagogue in Alexandria: “if you have not seen the…

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A Queenly Sukkah – Sukkah 2

By Shulie Mishkin / February 7, 2014 | ז׳ באדר א׳ תשע״ד

Hello Masechet Sukkah! There are many fascinating connections to Eretz Yisrael in this masechet, we will start with the unusual personality whose sukkah is featured…

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Jericho Journey: Yoma 39

By Shulie Mishkin / December 18, 2013 | ט״ו בטבת תשע״ד

The smell of the incense would make goats sneeze in Jericho . . . Mosaic floor of the sixth century “Shalom al Yisrael” synagogue (Photo…

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Nicanor who made the gates: Yoma 37

By Shulie Mishkin / December 15, 2013 | י״ב בטבת תשע״ד

In today’s daf we have a list of important donors to the Temple. One of the most famous is Nicanor of Alexandria, who donated beautiful…

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Can Water Flow Uphill?

By Shulie Mishkin / December 11, 2013 | ח׳ בטבת תשע״ד

In the context of the Kohen Gadol’s preparations for the avoda, we hear about his requirement to use the mikveh numerous times during Yom Kippur. …

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Why was the Temple destroyed?

By Shulie Mishkin / November 26, 2013 | כ״ג בכסלו תשע״ד

Massechet Yoma, Daf 9 + Throughout Massechet Yoma, we get a glimpse into life with the Beit Hamikdash, the holy Temple, intact. On daf 9, for…

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Up the Down Staircase – Shekalim 21

By Shulie Mishkin / November 11, 2013 | ח׳ בכסלו תשע״ד

What a beautiful mishna to finish our posts of Shekalim with! The mishna at the beginning of the eighth chapter tells us that if we…

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