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Today's Daf Yomi

October 22, 2019 | 讻状讙 讘转砖专讬 转砖状驻

Middot 35

What was the soreg? Where was is? What was the cheil? How many steps were there? What was the size of all the entranceways in the temple? Each entrance has a door. In what way did they renovate the doors? All the walls above the entraceway were tall. In all of these cases, there was an exception to the rule. What was the size of the ezrat nashim and what was the purpose of each room that was there? What change did they make in the women’s courtyard and why? This is the source for the first mechitza. How many steps went from the women’s courtyard to the inner courtyard? What were the size of the areas of the ezrat yisrael and ezrat kohanim? What were there 13 prostrations? What were the names of the 13 entrances to the azara?

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Middot 35

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Middot 35
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