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Shira Jacobowitz

I read Ilana Kurshan’s “If All the Seas Were Ink” which inspired me. Then the Women’s Siyum in Jerusalem in 2020 convinced me, I knew I had to join! I have loved it- it’s been a constant in my life daily, many of the sugiyot connect to our lives. My family and friends all are so supportive. It’s incredible being part of this community and love how diverse it is! I am so excited to learn more!

Alon Shvut Women's Daf Yomi

The Alon Shvut women's daf yomi group generally meets daily at 8:15 am. Now due to the limits on in person meetings, we moved our shiur to zoom and invite the community of women to join us. If you are interested in receiving the zoom link to the shiur, please send an email to
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