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Siyum Masechet Bava Kamma

  • The Last Sugya & Siyum with Rabbanit Michelle Farber
  • Can We Undo the Past? with Rabbanit Yael Shimoni
  • Reasonable Foreseeability and Bava Kamma: A Lawyer’s Perspective with Terri Krivosha

✡ Our learning is dedicated to the safety of our soldiers, to the safe return of the captives, in memory of those who have fallen, and for a refuah shleima to all those injured.

Listen to the Siyum:

Watch the Siyum:

For the full shiur of the last daf of Bava Kamma 119:

Bava Kamma 119

Hadran Ceremony text

Source sheet for Rabbanit Yael Shimoni (available in Hebrew only)


Can We Undo the Past?



Hadran Women

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