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Daf Yomi

March 7, 2020 | 讬状讗 讘讗讚专 转砖状驻

Berakhot 64

Today’s shiur is sponsored by a group of women from Kehilath Jeshurun, Manhattan in memory of/lilui nishmato of Elliot Freilich, Eliyahu Daniel ben Bar Tzion David Halevi z”l.

One should not force the moment. Is it better to have a Rosh Yeshiva who has lots of knowledge or one who has good analytical skills? Several statements of Rabbi Avin are brought regarding behavior, hosting Torah scholars, the proper wording to use when parting with someone. Torah scholars do not have rest in this world or the world to come. How can that be viewed positiviely? Torah scholars bring peace to the world.

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Berakhot 64

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Berakhot 64

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