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Keritot 2

By Michelle Cohen Farber / August 23, 2019 | כ״ב באב תשע״ט

For which sins does one get karet if one sins on purpose and brings a sin offering of one sins unwittingly? What did the mishna include not only the list but also said that there are 36 all together. The gemara brings other mishnayot that give a number to the list of items and in…

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Keritot 4

By Michelle Cohen Farber / August 25, 2019 | כ״ד באב תשע״ט

Can speaking be considered an act because one moves one’s lips? One who eats different types of forbidden fats (from different animals) does one get lashes for each one. Rabbi Yishmael and the rabbis disagree. what is the root of their disagreement? Do they argue also regarding the sin offering? “Two names in one stage…

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Keritot 5

By Michelle Cohen Farber / August 26, 2019 | כ״ה באב תשע״ט

The gemara brings different cases where a negative commandment is said on a number of items and one receives lashes on each one even though usually one would not – and the gemara explains why. Different rabbis bring examples of important halachot that were learned out from gezeira shava in order to show the significance…

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Keritot 6

By Michelle Cohen Farber / August 27, 2019 | כ״ו באב תשע״ט

The gemara discusses the importance of omens – can one rely on them? One should eat certain foods at the beginning of the year (Rosh Hashanah) as a sign for good things. How was the incense prepared – with what? how? where?

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Keritot 7

By Michelle Cohen Farber / August 28, 2019 | כ״ז באב תשע״ט

One does not receive karet for annointing a non Jew with the annointing oil? Two approaches to non Jews are broguht to explain this – is it because a non Jew is not called “adam” (the word used in the verse) or because he is not part of the prohibition to annoint and therefore not…

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Keritot 8

By Michelle Cohen Farber / August 29, 2019 | כ״ח באב תשע״ט

One who miscarries on the 81st day after childbirth, is she obligated to bring two sacrifices or just one? Since one can’t sacrifice at night, is it as if she is not yet obligated to bring the first sacrifice and therefore she only brings one, or is it considered already day 81, just she can’t…

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Keritot 11

By Michelle Cohen Farber / September 1, 2019 | א׳ באלול תשע״ט

What are the differences between regular forbidden sexual relations and an esoused maidservant? What exactly is an espoused maidservant – is she half free and half enslaved or fully enslaved. Is the man who slept with her a Jew or a Canaanite slave? How does each opinion explain the unclear verse describing the situation of…

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Keritot 12

By Michelle Cohen Farber / September 2, 2019 | ב׳ באלול תשע״ט

Is a person believed to say that he/she isn’t obligated in a sacrifice? If it in every case or only in a case where he/she could have made a better claim?

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Keritot 13

By Michelle Cohen Farber / September 3, 2019 | ג׳ באלול תשע״ט

If one eats two half olive bulks, what is the time frame in which they will be considered combined in order to obligate? Is it different from one who eats impure foods/drink and is then considered having second degree impurity? The rabbis didn’t allow one who ate less than a shiur (regarding impurity) to go…

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Keritot 14

By Michelle Cohen Farber / September 4, 2019 | ד׳ באלול תשע״ט

The gemara brings cases where one can eat one piece of meat or sleep with one woman and be obligated to bring many sacrifices. Even though generally a prohibition can’t be added to another prohibition, there are exceptions to the rule where it can – if both prohibitions come at the same time, or if…

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