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Elisheva Brauner

Years ago, I attended the local Siyum HaShas with my high school class. It was inspiring! Through that cycle and the next one, I studied masekhtot on my own and then did “daf yomi practice.” The amazing Hadran Siyum HaShas event firmed my resolve to “really do” Daf Yomi this time. It has become a family goal. We’ve supported each other through challenges, and now we’re at the Siyum of Seder Moed!

Alon Shvut Women's Daf Yomi

The Alon Shvut women's daf yomi group generally meets daily at 8:15 am. Now due to the limits on in person meetings, we moved our shiur to zoom and invite the community of women to join us. If you are interested in receiving the zoom link to the shiur, please send an email to
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