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Daf Yomi

December 13, 2021 | 讟壮 讘讟讘转 转砖驻状讘

Taanit 31 – Siyum Masechet Taanit

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Siyum Masechet Taanit is sponsored by Sara Averick and Jose Rosenfeld in loving memory of Leah & Nathan Averick and Rochel & Walter Mark.聽

Two more reasons are given as to the significance of the day of Tu b鈥橝v. One is that the people who were killed in Beitar in the Bar Kochva rebellion were allowed to be buried on that day. The other is that it is the last day they were able to cut wood for the Temple before the days began to get shorter and the sun would not be strong enough to dry the wood. If the wood was not dry enough, it could attract worms, thereby disqualifying it for use on the altar. When the days got shorter one who studies into the night will add years to one鈥檚 life and one who does not, shortens one鈥檚 life. On Yom Kippur and Tu b鈥橝v when the young women would go out dancing, they would borrow clothing one from the other. A braita specifies who would borrow from who. They would purify the clothing first in a mikveh, even if they were folded in the cabinet, just in case they were impure. What would they say to the men in order to encourage them to marry the women? It depended on what the woman鈥檚 strengths were 鈥 beauty or good family lineage. What would they say if she had neither? In the future, there will be a circle of tzadikim who will sit around with God in the Garden of Eden, pointing at God saying, 鈥淭his is our God, our salvation.鈥

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Taanit 31 – Siyum Masechet Taanit

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Taanit 31 – Siyum Masechet Taanit

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