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Arakhin 14

By Michelle Cohen Farber / June 30, 2019 | כ״ז בסיון תשע״ט

All the cases in the Torah where there is a set amount that one needs to pay (and is not dependent on its actual value) it can sometimes end up being more stringent and sometimes more lenient, depending on the articular situation.

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Arakhin 15

By Michelle Cohen Farber / July 1, 2019 | כ״ח בסיון תשע״ט

What does a rapist or seducer pay for humiliation and suffering in addition to the fifty shekalim payment? One who falsely claims his wife was not a virgin is punished for his words. Since he pays double the rapist and seducer we learn that words are more harmful than actions. The gemara launches into statements…

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Arakhin 16

By Michelle Cohen Farber / July 2, 2019 | כ״ט בסיון תשע״ט

What is considered lashon hara? What else causes leprosy besides loshon hara? The clothing of the priests atone on particular sins. How does that correlate to the other sources regarding leprosy? One cannot leave a place where he was dwelling – why? One has to always be concerned for ramifications of one’s actions/speech.

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Arakhin 17

By Michelle Cohen Farber / July 3, 2019 | ל׳ בסיון תשע״ט

One should work in the business one’s ancestors worked in. What is considered suffering – and why is that important? Does the generation follow the leader or the leader follow the generation? The exemption of a poor person for arakhin goes by the one who took the vow. The mishna compares this to the case…

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Arakhin 18

By Michelle Cohen Farber / July 4, 2019 | א׳ בתמוז תשע״ט

Are there other cases besides Arakhin where “he” means that one needs to be in the same situation from the beginnin gof a particular time period until the end? Why if one’s father dies and leaves him/her a fortune or one has a boat on the way full of mechandise, is one still considered poor?…

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Arakhin 19

By Michelle Cohen Farber / July 5, 2019 | ב׳ בתמוז תשע״ט

One who says “my weight upon me”, what does one need to bring to the temple treasury? “The weight of my hand/arm” or “leg” – since there is no good way to measure it precisely, what does one do? Which part of the arm/leg? How does this compare to other places in the Torah where…

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Arakhin 21

By Michelle Cohen Farber / July 7, 2019 | ד׳ בתמוז תשע״ט
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Arakhin 22

By Michelle Cohen Farber / July 8, 2019 | ה׳ בתמוז תשע״ט

How many days should one announce property of orphans in order to pay an obligation of the estate? However if we don’t let people collect from orphans until they are older, how can one explain this halacha? The gemara brings three different opinions regarding whether or not and in what situations can one collect money…

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Arakhin 23

By Michelle Cohen Farber / July 9, 2019 | ו׳ בתמוז תשע״ט

One who dedicates all his property to the Temple and needs to pay his wife’s ketuba – do we need to be concerned about a conspiracy between him and his wife – they will divorce and then get remarried so that they can get the money back from the Temple? The same issue is raised…

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Arakhin 24

By Michelle Cohen Farber / July 10, 2019 | ז׳ בתמוז תשע״ט

One who dedicates all his possessions to the Temple or promises arakhin and doesn’t pay up, what is the connection of his wives or children – do they leave him money to support them? Can they take items belonging to them also? What items that belong to the person himself is he allowed to keep?…

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