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Bava Kamma

Bava Kamma 27

By Michelle Cohen Farber / June 27, 2016 | ื›ืดื ื‘ืกื™ื•ืŸ ืชืฉืขืดื•

If someone throws something out a window and on its way down, someone smashes it with a baseball bat, who is responsible? ย If someone falls off a roof onto someone, depending on what made him fall (typical or atypical wind) will affect the level of responsibility and what he needs to pay. ย Even though people…

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Bava Kamma 28

By Michelle Cohen Farber / June 28, 2016 | ื›ืดื‘ ื‘ืกื™ื•ืŸ ืชืฉืขืดื•

Can one take the law into his own hands? ย Under what circumstances? ย If one dropped his pitcher in the public thoroughfare and it broke and someone slipped and got injured, is he responsible for damage caused to vessels? For damage caused to a person? ย Does it matter if the damage was from the ground or…

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Bava Kamma 29

By Michelle Cohen Farber / June 29, 2016 | ื›ืดื’ ื‘ืกื™ื•ืŸ ืชืฉืขืดื•

There are a number of different ways to explain the two opinions in the mishna regarding one who breaks a jug in the public thoroughfare and one gets damaged by it. ย Issues raised relate to – is an accident/careless behavior considered negligence or unintentional damage? ย If one leaves items in a public space and renounces…

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Bava Kamma 30

By Michelle Cohen Farber / June 30, 2016 | ื›ืดื“ ื‘ืกื™ื•ืŸ ืชืฉืขืดื•

The gemara states that Rabbi Yochanan and Rabbi Elazar disagree about one who renounces his property in the public thoroughfare – is he responsible for damages or not. ย The gemara doesn’t know who holds which opinion and brings different statements of theirs to be able to conclude who help by which opinion. ย In doing so,…

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Bava Kamma 31

By Michelle Cohen Farber / July 1, 2016 | ื›ืดื” ื‘ืกื™ื•ืŸ ืชืฉืขืดื•

Study Guide Bava Kamma 31. Rav and Zeiri debate: if one leaves his garbage in the street to fertilize, do we penalize him all allow others to take it or do we allow them just to get the value of the improvement of the garbage (of it turning into fertilizer) but not the object itself?…

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Bava Kamma 33

By Michelle Cohen Farber / July 3, 2016 | ื›ืดื– ื‘ืกื™ื•ืŸ ืชืฉืขืดื•

Study Guide Bava Kamma 33. If one enters a store and gets injured by the store owner (e.g. a carpenter’s studio and gets injured as the carpenter is working, is the carpenter obligated in the 4ย damages and if he accidentally kills him, does he need to go to a refuge city? ย Does it depend on…

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Bava Kamma 34

By Michelle Cohen Farber / July 4, 2016 | ื›ืดื— ื‘ืกื™ื•ืŸ ืชืฉืขืดื•

Study Guide Bava Kamma 34. What rights does theย owner of a shor tam or a shor muad have to sell their animal after it caused damage or to designate it to the beit hamikdash or to slaughter it or give it as a gift? ย Does it matter if it is before they came to court…

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Bava Kamma 35

By Michelle Cohen Farber / July 5, 2016 | ื›ืดื˜ ื‘ืกื™ื•ืŸ ืชืฉืขืดื•

The mishna brings cases comparing situations where an animal and a man may do the same damage but one would be obligated to pay damages and the other would not. ย In the context of these cases, there is one of a man burning a field on Shabbat where a man would be exempt because when…

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Bava Kamma 36

By Michelle Cohen Farber / July 6, 2016 | ืœืณ ื‘ืกื™ื•ืŸ ืชืฉืขืดื•

The gemara tries to establish what type of claims each of the sides had in the cases mentioned in the mishna. ย Were they each claiming definite claims or was one side’s claim a doubtful one. ย The new perek starts with an argument between Rabbi Meir and Rabbi Shimon about a shor tam who attacks 4…

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Bava Kamma 37

By Michelle Cohen Farber / July 7, 2016 | ืืณ ื‘ืชืžื•ื– ืชืฉืขืดื•

Suppose an animal is muad (forewarned, as the animal already gored that type of animal three times) for damaging other animals of its type. Does that make the animal muad for all types of animals? If the animal is muad for people, then is the animal also considered muad for animals? If it is muad…

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