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Bava Kamma

Bava Kamma 93

By Michelle Cohen Farber / September 1, 2016 | ื›ืดื— ื‘ืื‘ ืชืฉืขืดื•

Rava and Raba bar Meri continue to derive sources from the Torah for various values statements. ย The gemara then brings two different reasons for the distinction the mishna makes between a case where one exempts amonther for inflicting upon him bodily damage to a case where one exempts another for destroying his possessions. A contradiction…

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Bava Kamma 94

By Michelle Cohen Farber / September 2, 2016 | ื›ืดื˜ ื‘ืื‘ ืชืฉืขืดื•

Abaye brings halachot of 5 different tannaim and claims that all of them agree that changing an item doesn’t change ownership over it. ย Rava disagrees and explains why each case is unique and can’t teach a general principle. ย Rabbi Yochanan holds that one has to return the stolen item as is and not the value…

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Bava Kamma 96

By Michelle Cohen Farber / September 4, 2016 | ืืณ ื‘ืืœื•ืœ ืชืฉืขืดื•

Shmuel lists 3 people who can demand land that they are owed – even if it’s valued higher now because its value increasedย – and then need to return the value of the increase to the other. ย A contradictory statement of Shmuel is brought and it is reconciled. ย When one steals and item and it increases…

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Bava Kamma 97

By Michelle Cohen Farber / September 5, 2016 | ื‘ืณ ื‘ืืœื•ืœ ืชืฉืขืดื•

The mishna distinguishes between noticeable changes and those that aren’t noticeable. ย The robber acquires only through a noticeable change. ย There is a debate in the mishna regarding slaves – whether they are treated like land in which the robber does not acquire the slave or is it like movable property and it is acquired by…

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Bava Kamma 98

By Michelle Cohen Farber / September 6, 2016 | ื’ืณ ื‘ืืœื•ืœ ืชืฉืขืดื•

More discussions on the effects of currency changes on outstanding loans – distinctions are made between the percentageย of change. ย Raba brings 4 halachot where indirect damage is concerned and rules in all 4 cases that the one who caused the damage is exempt. ย Different important halachic principles are discussed such as garmei and davar hagorem…

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Bava Kamma 99

By Michelle Cohen Farber / September 7, 2016 | ื“ืณ ื‘ืืœื•ืœ ืชืฉืขืดื•

If you hire someone to ย fix something and they break it, they are responsible toย pay you the value of it. ย Rav Asi holds that if you give someone wood to build you aย closet and he builds it but breaks it before heย gives it to you,ย ย he is not responsible for the broken item because the object…

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Bava Kamma 100

By Michelle Cohen Farber / September 8, 2016 | ื”ืณ ื‘ืืœื•ืœ ืชืฉืขืดื•

Shmuel teaches that if a slaughterer messes up and treifs up the animal, he is responsible whether or not he did it for free or for pay. ย Rabbi Yochanan disagrees and distinguishes between one who gets paid and one who does it for free. ย Heย compares it to laws of shomrim and just as one who…

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Bava Kamma 101

By Michelle Cohen Farber / September 9, 2016 | ื•ืณ ื‘ืืœื•ืœ ืชืฉืขืดื•

The gemara asks whether the value of wool that is dyed is considered like it is wool with dye in it or do we say that since the dye isn’t tangible, we don’t view it as being made up of dye and wool. ย The gemara then proceeds to explain in what case there is relevance…

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Bava Kamma 103

By Michelle Cohen Farber / September 11, 2016 | ื—ืณ ื‘ืืœื•ืœ ืชืฉืขืดื•

An opinion of the people in Israel is brought that claims that if a middleman changes from what the buyer wants, the buyer cannot acquire the item because the seller had no intent to give rights to the buyer – his intent was on the middleman. ย A braita is brought to contradict that claim –…

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Bava Kamma 104

By Michelle Cohen Farber / September 12, 2016 | ื˜ืณ ื‘ืืœื•ืœ ืชืฉืขืดื•

The mishna assumes that one who swears falsely is the one who needs to ensure that he gets what he stoleย directly to the one who he stole from. ย But that if he stole but didn’t swear about it, it would be sufficient to send in the hands of a messenger. ย The gemara questions how this…

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