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Bava Kamma

Bava Kamma 9

By Michelle Cohen Farber / November 11, 2023 | ื›ืดื– ื‘ืžืจื—ืฉื•ื•ืŸ ืชืฉืคืดื“

This weekโ€™s learning is sponsored by my parents, Paula and Robert Cohen, in loving memory of my grandmother, Sonja Waschitz, Sara bat Yitzchak zโ€l, on her third yahrzeit. My grandmother was a role model for me. She taught me about resilience, which has been particularly important now as we face challenges during these difficult times.…

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Bava Kamma 10

By Michelle Cohen Farber / November 12, 2023 | ื›ืดื— ื‘ืžืจื—ืฉื•ื•ืŸ ืชืฉืคืดื“

The week’s learning is dedicated by Phyllis and Yossie Hecht. “With hakarat hatov lโ€™Hashem for finishing Masechet Kiddushin and having our first grandchild, Liam Yisrael. Born in these days of much needed tefillot, Liam Yisrael should continue to bring light and have the zechut to be a guardian for Am Yisrael as he continues to…

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Bava Kamma 11

By Michelle Cohen Farber / November 13, 2023 | ื›ืดื˜ ื‘ืžืจื—ืฉื•ื•ืŸ ืชืฉืคืดื“

This week’s learning is sponsored by Jason and Danielle Friedman in honor of Oliver Friedman’s upcoming bar mitzva.ย  Even without the verse “and the body will be his,” it would have been clear that the one whose animal was killed is left with the carcass of the animal and the one who damaged only pays…

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Bava Kamma 12

By Michelle Cohen Farber / November 14, 2023 | ืืณ ื‘ื›ืกืœื• ืชืฉืคืดื“

Rav Nachman and other amoraim disagree about categorizing Cannanite slaves – are they treated like land or like movable property? The Gemara suggests that perhaps there is a tannaitic debate as well regarding this issue, however, two versions of Rav Ika suggest that perhaps there is no tannaitic debate. Even if one were to compare…

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Bava Kamma 13

By Michelle Cohen Farber / November 15, 2023 | ื‘ืณ ื‘ื›ืกืœื• ืชืฉืคืดื“

Rabbi Yosi h’Gelili holds that kodshim kalim are considered the property of the owner and not the property of God. The Gemara concludes that this is true even during the time of the Temple when they can be brought as sacrifices. Ben Azai holds that this is limited to only some types of koshei kodashim,…

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Bava Kamma 14

By Michelle Cohen Farber / November 16, 2023 | ื’ืณ ื‘ื›ืกืœื• ืชืฉืคืดื“

Today’s daf is sponsored by Debbie Engelen-Eigles in honor of the first birthday of her grandson Tomer, ad meah v’esrim, and for the safe return from battle of his father and all our chayalim and chayalot. “May HaShem strengthen them, bring them victory, and bring them and the hostages home to their families safely and…

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Bava Kamma 15

By Michelle Cohen Farber / November 17, 2023 | ื“ืณ ื‘ื›ืกืœื• ืชืฉืคืดื“

Todayโ€™s daf is sponsored by the Hadran Women of Long Island in honor of their co-learner and friend, Debbie Schreiber, on the birth of her grandson this week. “May the new arrival bring the family and the Jewish people much joy and nachat! ืชื–ื›ื• ืœื’ื“ืœื• ืœืชื•ืจื” ืœื—ื•ืคื” ื•ืœืžืขืฉื™ื ื˜ื•ื‘ื™ื” Today’s daf is sponsored by Sara…

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Bava Kamma 16

By Michelle Cohen Farber / November 18, 2023 | ื”ืณ ื‘ื›ืกืœื• ืชืฉืคืดื“

There are four different ways to understand the Mishna and whether it follows Rabbi Tarfonโ€™s position regarding keren (atypical) damages for a tam animal in a private domain (one pays full damages) or the rabbis’ position (half damages). Damage by the animal crouching is considered atypical. But is this only for crouching on large items…

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Bava Kamma 17

By Michelle Cohen Farber / November 19, 2023 | ื•ืณ ื‘ื›ืกืœื• ืชืฉืคืดื“

What was unique about the respect given to Chizkiyahu upon his death? What is more important – learning Torah or keeping mitzvot? Learning Torah or teaching Torah? What rewards are given to those who learn Torah and do acts of kindness, chesed?ย  What are the details of the main category called regel? Where and how…

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Bava Kamma 18

By Michelle Cohen Farber / November 20, 2023 | ื–ืณ ื‘ื›ืกืœื• ืชืฉืคืดื“

Today’s daf is sponsored by Lesley Nadel in loving memory of her sister Ruth Lewis – Rachel bat Hershel haLevi v’Tova, on her 10th yahrzeit. “An aishet chayil who left us too soon, before seeing her children’s weddings and meeting her granddaughter. She is missed every day. May her memory be for a blessing.”ย  Today’s…

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