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Berakhot 22

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 25, 2020 | כ״ח בטבת תש״פ

There is a debate regarding whether one who experienced a seminal emission can learn some types of Torah, none at all, or all kinds? Was the takana of Ezra entirely cancelled? Does he need to go in a mikveh with 40 se’ah or can one pour nine kav of water. What does one do if…

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Berakhot 23

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 26, 2020 | כ״ט בטבת תש״פ

If one needs to go to the bathroom during shmone esreh, what does one do? Can one pray when one needs to go to the bathroom? Can one bring tefillin into the bathroom? Can one bring them in by carrying them in one’s hand or wrapped in something? There are dangers if one leaves them…

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Berakhot 24

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 27, 2020 | א׳ בשבט תש״פ

Can you sleep with tefillin under your pillow? Can a man do that if he is in bed with his wife? If two people are sleeping naked in a bed, can they each turn the other way and say shema? Is there a difference if it is one’s wife or someone else? What if it…

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Berakhot 25

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 28, 2020 | ב׳ בשבט תש״פ

Can one recite shema if there is feces one’s body or in the area? What if the feces is being passed by? It there a different if the feces is not moving? If there is a foul odor from feces, does one need to move away from the feces or also from the odor? Until…

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Berakhot 26

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 29, 2020 | ג׳ בשבט תש״פ

What do you do if a sefer Torah is in a room where one is planning to have sex? How far does one need to distance oneself from feces or urine in order to say shema? On what does it depend? Can one say shema in a place where there is a bathroom that had…

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Berakhot 27

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 30, 2020 | ד׳ בשבט תש״פ

What does it mean “until four hours” – until and not including the fourth hour or until and including? Who do we hold like regarding times for the morning prayer and for the afternoon prayer? Can one pray arvit, the nighttime prayer, on Friday afternoon before sunset? And if one does this, is it considered…

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Berakhot 28

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 31, 2020 | ה׳ בשבט תש״פ

The story continues with Rabbi Elazar ben Azaria being chosen – he consults with his wife who warns against taking the job for two reasons. The second one (of being too young and may not be resopected) is no longer an issue when he magically grows 18 rows of white hairs. He accepts the job.…

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Berakhot 29

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 1, 2020 | ו׳ בשבט תש״פ

When was the blessing against the Saducees instituted – by who and why? Once Shimon HaKatan was davening and forgot the words for that plessing and they waited for him a few hours – why didn’t they remove him from being the chazan? Why weren’t they concerned maybe he was a Saducee? Can good people…

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Berakhot 30

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 2, 2020 | ז׳ בשבט תש״פ

When do we say tefillat haderech – the wayfarer’s prayer? What are the differences between the prayer havinenu and the short prayer one says in place of shmone esreh if one is in a place of danger. In what direction does one pray? One who is leaving early in the morning – what does one…

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Berakhot 31

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 3, 2020 | ח׳ בשבט תש״פ

The gemara brings situations where people were too happy at a wedding and the father of the groom (a rabbi) broke an expensive item to cause people to be sad. Tosafot say that this is the source for the custom to break a glass at a wedding. One must judge or learn before prayer as…

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