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Berakhot 42

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 14, 2020 | י״ט בשבט תש״פ

Today’s shiur is sponsored in memory of Gavriel ben Noach z”l by Chanah and Michael Piotrkowski. What blessing does one make on bread “that comes with kisnin” – generally understood to be some kind of sweet bread or sweet dough? What is considered the end of one’s meal which would mean that if one wanted…

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Berakhot 43

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 15, 2020 | כ׳ בשבט תש״פ

Can one set a meal over wine and then one person can say a blessing on behalf of others if they are all reclining? Rav and Rabbi Yochanan disagree – however there is a disagreement regarding what exactly they disagree about. What is the difference between wine during the meal and after? Why during the…

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Berakhot 44

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 16, 2020 | כ״א בשבט תש״פ

Today’s shiur is sponsored in memory of the Hon. Judge Miriam Altman z”l by Gabrielle and Daniel Altman. If one eats a bread secondary to a salty dish, one only makes a blessing on the salt dish. In what kind of situation would one’s bread be secondary? The gemara explains that one who ate fruits…

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Berakhot 45

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 17, 2020 | כ״ב בשבט תש״פ

Three people who eat together are obligated to do a “zimun” – to say birkhat hamazon together – and one blesses on behalf of all. In which case would the three not be obligated? What is the source for it? Can two people also do a zimun if they want? Can women do a zimun?…

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Berakhot 46

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 18, 2020 | כ״ג בשבט תש״פ

Who is the preferred person to make hamotzi on the bread on behalf of everyone – the host/ess or the most respected person? What about for leading the zimun? What is the text that one adds for the host in birkhat hamazon? Where does the blessing on the zimun end – at the end of…

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Berakhot 47

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 19, 2020 | כ״ד בשבט תש״פ

The shiurim for the next month are sponsored for the refuah shleima of Ofek Yair ben Yaara. In what scenarios is it not appropriate to give respect to important people? Why? The gemara goes over each of the cases in the mishna whereby one eats certain foods and either can or cannot join a zimmun.…

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Berakhot 48

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 20, 2020 | כ״ה בשבט תש״פ

At what age/stage can a minor join the zimun? Can you join a zimun if you only ate vegetables? If so, how many of the participants can be those who only ate vegetables (in a case where we have ten and can add God’s name)? A story is told of King Yannai who after having…

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Berakhot 49

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 21, 2020 | כ״ו בשבט תש״פ

Today’s shiur is sponsored by the Freedman family in memory of their Abba and Saba Zvi Stein, Zvi ben HaRav Mordechai David z”l. What concepts are essential to mention in birkhat hamazon? How does the blessing of rebuilding Jerusalem end? Why is the structure of the fourth blessing different? how many times does malchut need…

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Berakhot 50

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 22, 2020 | כ״ז בשבט תש״פ

What is the proper wording for a zimun? What wording is not appropriate to use? Can a group that ate together split up into a smaller group? On what does it depend? Can one throw bread? What other things must one do to treat bread with respect? Is it true only for bread or for…

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Berakhot 51

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 23, 2020 | כ״ח בשבט תש״פ

What does one do if one ate without making a blessing – does make the blessing in the middle of the meal? What if one finished, can one make the blessing before the meal after one finished eating? The gemara discusses whether a drink made with wine or beer called ‘asparagus’ is healthy or not.…

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