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Berakhot 62

By Michelle Cohen Farber / March 5, 2020 | 讟壮 讘讗讚专 转砖状驻

There were rabbis who would follow their teachers into the bathroom or hide under their beds to learn from their rabbis how to act in the bathroom or when having sex. Some were critical of this behavior to which they retorted, “It is Torah and I need to learn it!” People were sacred of demons…

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Berakhot 63

By Michelle Cohen Farber / March 6, 2020 | 讬壮 讘讗讚专 转砖状驻

Why does one bless one’s friend using God’s name? Why are so many verses brought to prove this? Know the needs of the generation and whether teachers are needed or not. That should determine whether one should learn or teach. The rabbis give meaning to the juxtaposition of nazir and sotah and also for gifts…

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Berakhot 64

By Michelle Cohen Farber / March 7, 2020 | 讬状讗 讘讗讚专 转砖状驻

Today’s shiur is sponsored by a group of women from Kehilath Jeshurun, Manhattan in memory of/lilui nishmato of Elliot Freilich, Eliyahu Daniel ben Bar Tzion David Halevi z”l. One should not force the moment. Is it better to have a Rosh Yeshiva who has lots of knowledge or one who has good analytical skills? Several…

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