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Bava Batra

Bava Batra 2

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 24, 2017 | כ״ו בטבת תשע״ז

Study Guide Bava Batra 2. Relations between partners who want to divide property are discussed.  Can one force the other to build a wall – both to help with paying for it and for using the space in his property to build it.  The mishna is explained in two different ways and the gemara discusses…

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Bava Batra 3

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 25, 2017 | כ״ז בטבת תשע״ז

A version of the previous sugya is brought – in the exact opposite direction – the gemara leans toward the explanation that mechitza means to split the property and it is a property that is small (less than 4 amot by 4 amot for each side).  As a result, various questions are brought on that…

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Bava Batra 4

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 26, 2017 | כ״ח בטבת תשע״ז

How did Herod who began as a slave end up being a king?  And how did he end up being the one who renovated the Beit Hamikdash?  What are the halachot in a garden or in a field where there is no custom?  In a case where one cannot force the other to build a wall,…

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Bava Batra 5

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 27, 2017 | כ״ט בטבת תשע״ז

If a neighbor is surrounded on three sides by one land owner and that land owner put up 3 walls, the inner neighbor doesn’t need to pay.  But if a fourth wall is put up, he does.  There is a debate about whether it matters who put up the fourth wall and whether or not…

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Bava Batra 7

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 29, 2017 | ב׳ בשבט תשע״ז

Rav Chama brings 4 halachot – 3 relating to whether people have the right to make others living next door/on top of them tear down walls, houses, etc. to make their living space better.  The third relates to concern over people taking advantage of orphans and forging documents to get out of repaying a loan.…

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Bava Batra 10

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 1, 2017 | ה׳ בשבט תשע״ז

The gemara continues to discuss the importance of the mitzah of giving tzedaka.  Rabbi Akiva and Turnusrufus debate God’s ways of the world and the question of why would God create an imperfect world.

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Bava Batra 11

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 2, 2017 | ו׳ בשבט תשע״ז

Can one accept charity from non Jews?  What are the minimum sizes of courtyards, fields and gardens to be able to insist that one who the property is shared with needs to split it into 2 separate parts.  The same is discussed to various other items – bath house, hallway, tallit, etc.  Only a sefer…

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Bava Batra 12

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 3, 2017 | ז׳ בשבט תשע״ז

Different situations are described where one can’t block off entrances or pathways (even if they belong to them) that others use.  Even in a case where there are alternate paths.  Are the rabbis viewed as replacements for prophets?  Some stories are brought that show that children and mentally handicapped people can prophesize.  A firstborn can…

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Bava Batra 14

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 5, 2017 | ט׳ בשבט תשע״ז

Can one write a scroll with Torah, Neviim and Ketuvim together?  How many lines does one leave at the end of a book?  Can one start a book at the beginning of a section of parchment?  What is the ideal size for a Torah scroll to be?  How does that size work together with the opinion…

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Bava Batra 15

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 6, 2017 | י׳ בשבט תשע״ז

What is the order of the books of Tanach?  This does not match the order that we use today.  Who wrote which book of Tanach?  Some of the authors mentioned die sometime in the book, including Moshe who dies in the last 8 verses of the Torah.  The question is raised in each case –…

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