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Sotah 30

By Michelle Cohen Farber / November 25, 2015 | י״ג בכסלו תשע״ו

From where do we derive that a second and third degree impurity can transmit impurity to sacred items belonging to the temple kodashim.  There are five rabbis who hold against Rabbi Akiva’s opinion in the mishna and say that a second degree impurity cannot transmit impurity to a non sacred item chulin.  The gemara derives from different…

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Sotah 31

By Michelle Cohen Farber / November 26, 2015 | י״ד בכסלו תשע״ו

The 5th chapter ends with a discussion of how the Jews sang the song on the Red Sea with Moshe.  And whether Job worshipped God out of love or out of fear.  The 6th Chapter begins with how many witnesses and what types of witnesses are needed for the seclusion stage of the Sotah process setira  Can…

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Sotah 32

By Michelle Cohen Farber / November 27, 2015 | ט״ו בכסלו תשע״ו

If there is conflicting testimony about whether or not the Sotah had sex when she was in seclusion, which testimony do we accept?  Does it depend on who the witnesses are and how many were in each group?  (What ceremonies/texts can be said in any language and which ones need to be said in Hebrew…

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Sotah 34

By Michelle Cohen Farber / November 29, 2015 | י״ז בכסלו תשע״ו

Once the mishna mentioned the blessings and curses that were to be recited when getting into the land of Israel, the gemara sidetracks to the splitting of the Jordan upon entering the land, the spies that Moshe sent to check out the land, etc.  Underlying these statements seems to be the idea of miracles (splitting…

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Sotah 35

By Michelle Cohen Farber / November 30, 2015 | י״ח בכסלו תשע״ו

More details about the spies’ tactics and what they said.  How did Caleb get the people to listen to him after the spies told their bad report?  Details of the ark’s miraculous nature leads into a discussion of Uza who gets killed for disrespecting the ark.  How many sets of stones were there?  When they wrote the…

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Sotah 36

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 1, 2015 | י״ט בכסלו תשע״ו

How was the Torah written on the stones after they crossed over the Jordan?  What were all the miracles that happened on that day?  The Kohen Gadol had 2 stones on each shoulder with the names of the 12 tribes.   How were the names split on the 2 stones?  Did Joseph have some intent…

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Sotah 37

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 2, 2015 | כ׳ בכסלו תשע״ו

Who went into the Red Sea first – the tribe of Benjamin or Nachshon the son of Aminadav from the tribe of Judah?   How were the blessings and curses recited?  How many covenants were formed on that day?  When else were there covenants formed as the ones on that day?

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Sotah 38

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 3, 2015 | כ״א בכסלו תשע״ו

There are a number of differences between the blessing of the Kohanim in the Beit Hamikdash and out side of the Beit Hamikdash.  Many details are derived relating to the blessing of the Kohanim – in Hebrew only, while standing, they face the people and the people face them, out loud, etc.  What if there is only one…

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Sotah 39

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 4, 2015 | כ״ב בכסלו תשע״ו

What happens if there are only kohanim in the synagogue?  How does the exact timing/chronology of birkat kohanim work?  The kohanim and the people are not to rush things.  What do the kohanim say before and after they bless the people?  Are the congregants supposed to recite verses while the kohanim are blessing them?  Some…

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Sotah 41

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 6, 2015 | כ״ד בכסלו תשע״ו

The Kohen Gadol reads from the Torah on Yom Kippur.  The king reads from the Torah at the hakhel ceremony once every seven years.  Details of these ceremonies are discussed. Study Guide Sotah 41

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