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Recent Daf Yomi

Catch Up on the Daf Yomi

Have you fallen a bit behind on the Daf Yomi? Below are shiurim of the past week's Daf Yomi to help you catch up!


Nazir 6

Todayโ€™s daf is sponsored by Blima Slutzky in memory of her mother, Mazal (Tina) bat Rina and David. Todayโ€™s daf...

Nazir 5 – Shabbat January 28

This is the daf for Shabbat. For Fridayโ€™s daf please click here. We derive from Avshalom who was a nazir...

Nazir 4

Today's daf is sponsored by Goody and Eric Weil to our beloved mother/mother-in-law, Lili Weil zโ€l on the Shloshim since...

Nazir 3

Todayโ€™s daf is dedicated to Rebecca Eisen and Joshua Adler on the birth of their first child, a daughter, Maya...

Nazir 2

Masechet Nazir is sponsored by the family of Rabbi Howard Alpert, HaRav Tzvi Lipa ben Hillel, in honor of his...

Nedarim 91 – Siyum Masechet Nedarim

For the text of the Hadran ceremony, click here. For more information about What is a Siyum, click here. Siyum...

Nedarim 90

This monthโ€™s learning is sponsored by Shlomo and Amalia Klapper in honor of the birth of Chiyenna Yochana, named after...

Nedarim 89

This weekโ€™s learning is sponsored by Cindy Dolgin for the yahrzeits of Mira and Avram Dolgin. "Loving in-laws of Cindy...

Nedarim 88 – Shabbat January 21

This is the daf for Shabbat. For Fridayโ€™s daf please click here. The contradiction between Rabbi Meir in the Mishna...
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