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Recent Daf Yomi

Catch Up on the Daf Yomi

Have you fallen a bit behind on the Daf Yomi? Below are shiurim of the past week's Daf Yomi to help you catch up!


Bava Batra 26

Today's daf is sponsored by Judy Schwartz in honor of her daughter Rina. "Rina got me started on my journey...

Bava Batra 25

As part of a discussion about the Mishna which described in which direction of the city may/may not one set...

Bava Batra 24

Today's daf is sponsored by Mindy Sollisch. "Thank you to Hadran for generously welcoming all to learn Talmud from a...

Bava Batra 23

Today's daf is sponsored by Gabrielle Altman in loving memory of Yechezkel Yitzhak Ben Shlomo Zev, Honorable Herbert Altman z”l...

Bava Batra 22

Today's daf is sponsored for the refuah shleima of Asher ben Riva.  Under what circumstances can outsiders come into a...

Bava Batra 21

Why can courtyard residents prevent each other from turning their house into a store (first part of the Mishna) but...

Bava Batra 20

Today's daf is sponsored by Vitti Rosenzweig Kones in loving memory of Sara Rosenzweig bat Vitti and David Greenbaum. Today’s...

Bava Batra 19

Today's daf is sponsored by Shira Dishon in loving memory of her son, Eitan Dishon, who was killed in Gaza...

Bava Batra 18

Rava and Abaye debate whether one can dig a pit right near the border of another if, on the other...
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