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July 29, 2021 | כ׳ באב תשפ״א | TODAY'S DAF: Sukkah 22

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Have you fallen a bit behind on the Daf Yomi? Below are shiurim of the past week's Daf Yomi to help you catch up!


Sukkah 21

Today’s daf is sponsored by Erin Piateski in honor of Jessica's wedding on Sunday. "Mazal tov Jessica and Harold!" The...

Sukkah 20

Today's daf is sponsored by Tina Lamm in memory of Asher Mechanic, Asher ben Avraham v'Rina. "In the zechut of...

Sukkah 19

Today’s daf is dedicated by Deborah Aschheim (Weiss) NYC is loving memory of her father, David Aschheim, David Moshe ben...

Sukkah 18

Today's daf is sponsored by Jessica Jobaneck on the occasion of her marriage to Harold Kingsberg today and their joint...

Sukkah 17

The mishna and gemara raise more cases of dofen akuma, when the disqualified s'chach is within four cubits of the...

Sukkah 16

Today's daf is sponsored by Mark Goldstein in honor of his wife, Rena Septee Goldstein, on her birthday, "with love...

Sukkah 15

Today’s daf is dedicated by Lisa Kolodny in memory of Marjorie Glick, Miriam Chana bat Rachel, and in honor of...

Sukkah 14

Can one change the status of handles of items from being susceptible to impurity to not being susceptible to impurity...

Sukkah 13

Today's daf is dedicated by Valerie Adler in honor of her daughter, Anoushka Adler on her wedding. "Dedicated to my...
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