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Recent Daf Yomi

Catch Up on the Daf Yomi

Have you fallen a bit behind on the Daf Yomi? Below are shiurim of the past week's Daf Yomi to help you catch up!


Nazir 64

Today's daf is sponsored by Avi Mimun in honor of his wife Joy on their 19th year anniversary. "Joy, your...

Nazir 63

If a nazir finds out after shaving that he had become impure before, the earlier days are canceled and the...

Nazir 62

The Gemara brings several possibilities to extrapolate the words "a man who expresses" in the verse about valuations. Each possibility...

Nazir 61

Another braita is brought to show the differences between the shaving of a nazir and the shaving of a leper....

Nazir 60

This week's learning is sponsored by Rabbi Lisa Malik and Adi Wyner in loving memory of Aryeh Natanel Kluger z"l,...

Nazir 59

This month's learning is sponsored byย the students at the Emerging Scholars of Yeshivat Maharat inย honor of Rabbanit Michelle and all...

Nazir 58

The Gemara brings two different braitot that each derive something different from the word 'and his head' that the leper...

Nazir 57

Todayโ€™s daf is sponsored by Nancy Kolodny in honor of Lisa Kolodny on her birthday. โ€œWith appreciation and love to...

Nazir 56

Today's daf is sponsored by Ruth Leah Kahan with gratitude to HKB"H for her recovery and return to health one...
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