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Recent Daf Yomi

Catch Up on the Daf Yomi

Have you fallen a bit behind on the Daf Yomi? Below are shiurim of the past week's Daf Yomi to help you catch up!


Bava Batra 18 – Shabbat July 13th

This is the daf for Shabbat. For Fridayโ€™s daf please click here. Rava and Abaye debate whether one can dig...

Bava Batra 17

Today's daf is sponsored by Batsheva & Daniel Pava in loving memory of her father, Reb Shlomo ben Yehuda Aryeh...

Bava Batra 16

This week's learning is sponsored by Debbie Pershan in loving memory of her mother Shirley Kaufman on her yahrzeit. Todayโ€™s...

Bava Batra 15

Today's daf is sponsored by Julie Mendelsohn and Adina Hagege in loving memory of their dear friend Yosef Yifrach z"l...

Bava Batra 14

Today's daf is sponsored in honor of the marriage of Josh and Shira today by Lisa and Nancy Kolodny, daily...

Bava Batra 13

Today's daf is sponsored by Harriet Hartman in loving memory of her grandson, Ephraim Yachman, z'l who sacrificed his life...

Bava Batra 12

This weekโ€™s learning is sponsored by Bob & Paula Cohen in loving memory of Paula's father, Arthur Zwerin, Chaim Avraham...

Bava Batra 11

Two more stories are told regarding food distribution to poor people - one about Binyamin the Tzadik and one about...

Bava Batra 10

Today's daf is sponsored by Sylvia Klein in loving memory of her brother, Bobby Klein. "Bobby had Down Syndrome. His...
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