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Zevachim 13

By Michelle Cohen Farber / April 26, 2018 | י״א באייר תשע״ח

Does the wrong intent (in a sin offering and Pesach offering) during the time of walking the blood to the altar disqualify the sacrifice? What about during accepting the blood? Is there a difference in these laws between pigul (intent to eat the sacrifice at the wrong time) and intent for the wrong sacrifice? Details of…

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Zevachim 14

By Michelle Cohen Farber / April 27, 2018 | י״ב באייר תשע״ח

Rabbi Shimon holds that intent during the act of walking the blood does not disqualify the sacrifice because walking is not a necessary act. This opinion is discussed in various directions.

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Zevachim 16

By Michelle Cohen Farber / April 29, 2018 | י״ד באייר תשע״ח

Study Guide Zevachim 16. The mishna lists various cases where one of the 3 sacrificial rites (after slaughtering) were done in a way that disqualifies the dsacrifice. The gemara starts with the first 2 – a non-kohen and a kohen who is an onen, (after the death and before the burial of a close relative) and for…

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Zevachim 17

By Michelle Cohen Farber / April 30, 2018 | ט״ו באייר תשע״ח

From where do we derive the halacha that a tvul yom who does one of the 3 sacrificial rites, his sacrifice will be disqualified? Sources are also brought for the disqualification if performed by a kohen who isn’t wearing all of the clothes a kohen is supposed to wear.

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Zevachim 18

By Michelle Cohen Farber / May 1, 2018 | ט״ז באייר תשע״ח

Study Guide Zevachim 18. Details regarding a kohen who works in the mikdash without the proper clothing of the kohanim are discussed. In what cases is the work he does disqualified?

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Zevachim 20

By Michelle Cohen Farber / May 3, 2018 | י״ח באייר תשע״ח

Questions are asked regarding the laws of lina and whether those laws apply to washing of hands and feet.

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Zevachim 21

By Michelle Cohen Farber / May 4, 2018 | י״ט באייר תשע״ח

If one becomes impure, does one also need to redo washing one’s hands and feet? Can one dunk one’s hands and feet in the water or can it only be done by pouring the water? At what time of day does the water need to be sunk into its pit (so as not to become…

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Zevachim 23

By Michelle Cohen Farber / May 6, 2018 | כ״א באייר תשע״ח

Various opinions are brought regarding which type of impurity is intended in the mishna when it states that a kohen who is impure and works in the mikdash, his work will be disqualified. The law regarding one who sits during the work (which is also disqualified) is discussed. Why is it disqualified but one who does…

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Zevachim 24

By Michelle Cohen Farber / May 7, 2018 | כ״ב באייר תשע״ח

What is considered a chatzitza between the kohen and the floor that will disqualify the work of the kohen? There is a debate in the mishna about whether accepting the blood can be done using the left hand. The basis of this disagreement is explained. Rules regarding what items need to be done in the right hand…

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Zevachim 25

By Michelle Cohen Farber / May 8, 2018 | כ״ג באייר תשע״ח

The collection of the blood is discussed. What blood? How was it collected? What happens if it spilled on the floor? Are items that enter the airspace above a vessel considered as if they are already in the vessel? What if the animal becomes blemished after the slaughtering but before the blood is collected in the vessel…

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