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Bava Metzia

Bava Metzia 2

By Michelle Cohen Farber / September 28, 2016 | כ״ה באלול תשע״ו

Two people are holding onto a tallit – each one claiming he found it.  Each one says it’s all mine.  The mishna rules that each one swears that no less than half is his and they split it (or sell it and split the value).  The gemara struggles with the double language (“I found it” and…

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Bava Metzia 3

By Michelle Cohen Farber / September 29, 2016 | כ״ו באלול תשע״ו

The gemara continues to compare the law in our mishna to other tannatic opinions relating to other cases of disputed money which seem to reach different conclusions.  Each time the gemara distinguishes between the cases and explains that they could potentially agree with the law in our mishna.  Then the gemara compares two of the cases…

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Bava Metzia 4

By Michelle Cohen Farber / September 30, 2016 | כ״ז באלול תשע״ו

The gemara concludes that the kal va’chomer from which Rabbi Chiya derived that two witnesses who testify to half a claim can obligate the defendant to swear about the rest t was referring to was learned out jointly (by a b’meh hatzad from both one who admits to part of a claim modeh bemiktzat and from…

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Bava Metzia 6

By Michelle Cohen Farber / October 2, 2016 | כ״ט באלול תשע״ו

The gemara questions Rabbi Yochanan’s understanding that the reason the mishna required the two people holding the tallit to swear was because the rabbis wanted to prevent people from grabbing other people’s tallit and claiming it as their own.  The question is: if there is concern one is lying about money (stealing), shouldn’t we suspect that…

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Bava Metzia 9

By Michelle Cohen Farber / October 5, 2016 | ג׳ בתשרי תשע״ז

Rav Yehuda holds that one riding on an animal does not effect acquisition of the animal.  3 tannaitic sources are brought to support his opinion and one to disprove it but all ttempts can be explained otherwise and not contradict.  Can one acquire vessels that are on an animal by pulling the animal if he…

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Bava Metzia 10

By Michelle Cohen Farber / October 6, 2016 | ד׳ בתשרי תשע״ז

The mishna discusses someone who sees an item and asks someone to pick it up for him.  As long as he hasn’t yet handed it to the person who asked him to pick it up, the person can claim that it is his own.  The gemara tries to reconcile this with a mishna in Peah…

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Bava Metzia 11

By Michelle Cohen Farber / October 7, 2016 | ה׳ בתשרי תשע״ז

The gemara brings different explanations as to what Reish Lakish and Rabbi Yochanan are debating regarding a minor whether or not she can acquire through a chatzer or not.  The mishna raises a case where an animal was running and ran into someone’s courtyard.  He can acquire is by saying “my field acquired it” as…

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Bava Metzia 13

By Michelle Cohen Farber / October 9, 2016 | ז׳ בתשרי תשע״ז

If someone finds a document of a loan in the street and it is unclear if it was paid back or not, can he return it to the lender?  According to Rabbi Meir, it depends on whether or not there was property liened to the loan written in the document.  The gemara debates whether or…

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Bava Metzia 14

By Michelle Cohen Farber / October 10, 2016 | ח׳ בתשרי תשע״ז

Rabbi Yochanan and Rabbi Elazar disagree about the case in the mishna.  A braita is then brought which supports Rabbi Yochanan’s opinion and contradicts both Rabbi Elazar and Shmuel’s opinion.  Another statement of Shmuel is brought regarding the rabbi’s opinion – that even if one doesn’t write that property is liened to the loan, it is…

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Bava Metzia 15

By Michelle Cohen Farber / October 11, 2016 | ט׳ בתשרי תשע״ז

Shmuel’s opinions relating to shevach are discussed.  If one buys from a robber and invests in the property, he loses his investment because if the robber returns him his investment, it will look like interest.  Various sources are brought to contradict this but are resolved.  According to Shmuel, a ba’al chov who comes to demand…

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