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Menachot 6

By Michelle Cohen Farber / August 16, 2018 | ה׳ באלול תשע״ח

Study Guide Menachot 6. How can we learn that a tereifa is not allowed to be brought on the altar? Laws regarding a mincha that was done by the wrong person, in the wrong way, etc. are discussed. Can it be rectified?

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Menachot 7

By Michelle Cohen Farber / August 17, 2018 | ו׳ באלול תשע״ח

In what situations can on redo a problematically performed kemitza? Can an item be sanctified in a holy vessel if the vessel is not held by someone?

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Menachot 9

By Michelle Cohen Farber / August 19, 2018 | ח׳ באלול תשע״ח

3 arguments are brought between Rabbi Yochanan and Reish Lakish regarding issues that mayarisee during the process of preparing and the burning of the kmitza from the meal offering.

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Menachot 10

By Michelle Cohen Farber / August 20, 2018 | ט׳ באלול תשע״ח

From where do we derive that the kmitza has to be done with the right hand?

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Menachot 11

By Michelle Cohen Farber / August 21, 2018 | י׳ באלול תשע״ח

How exactly was the act of kmitza performed? There are things that can be added or detracted that can disqualify the offering – what are they? Quantities of various items that can disqualify  including the oil and frankincense are discussed. Factors that affect this also relate to at what point in the process the item was…

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Menachot 12

By Michelle Cohen Farber / August 22, 2018 | י״א באלול תשע״ח

Shiur dedicated to refuah shleima for Zelig Natan Hakohen ben Dena. How does pigul work by a meal offering? If the remnants are missing and one can’t eat them anyway, if one had a thought about eating them in the wrong time, would that also render them pigul and remove the meila from them?

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Menachot 13

By Michelle Cohen Farber / August 23, 2018 | י״ב באלול תשע״ח

Study Guide Menachot 13. The mishna seems to contradict the previous mishna as it implies that the remainder can become pigul if one had thoughts of eating half a shiur of the remainder tomorrow and half a shiur of the kometz tomorrow, even though the kometz can’t be eaten. Two answers are offered. Can a pigul thought…

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Menachot 14

By Michelle Cohen Farber / August 24, 2018 | י״ג באלול תשע״ח

In offerings that have several parts, i.e. 2 lambs and 2 loaves of bread (Shavuot) or 2 bowls of frankincense and 2 sets of 6 loaves of the showbread, do pigul thoughts regarding part of the bread affect all of the bread? Additionally, since both lambs need to be slaugghtered to permit the bread, would…

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Menachot 16

By Michelle Cohen Farber / August 26, 2018 | ט״ו באלול תשע״ח

What is considered a half a matir in a case of the mincha offering that includes a frankincense offering? If there is a parallel action for the frnakincense, then when one does the act for the kmitza, it is considered a half a matir and the rabbis debate with Rabbi Meir whether or not one would get…

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Menachot 17

By Michelle Cohen Farber / August 27, 2018 | ט״ז באלול תשע״ח

If the burning is done in very small quantities and the thought the kohen has each time he burns a little bit is about eating a very small part of the remainder, is that pigul? A debate is brought regarding the case where one burns the kmitza and thinks about burning the frankincense at the wrong time, is…

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