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Avodah Zarah

Avodah Zarah 3

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 18, 2018 | ב׳ בשבט תשע״ח

The story regarding idol worshippers trying to get regarding in the World to Come continues and at the end God gives them one last chance but they blow it. The gemara tangents to discuss what God’s daily schedule is and then discusses the importance of learning Torah.

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Avodah Zarah 4

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 19, 2018 | ג׳ בשבט תשע״ח

Various aggadic statements are brought regarding differences between the way God relates to Jews and non-Jews as well as why good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people.

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Avodah Zarah 6

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 21, 2018 | ה׳ בשבט תשע״ח

Study Guide Avoda Zara 6 When the mishna says three days before the holiday – does it mean including the day of the holiday (3 all together)  or 3 full days before plus the day of the holiday? Several sources are brought to attempt to answer the question. What is the reason for the prohibition…

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Avodah Zarah 7

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 22, 2018 | ו׳ בשבט תשע״ח

A number of different halachot are said in the name of individuals rabbis and the reactions of the rabbis to their statements are brought – there were some rabbis they agreed with their positions and others whose positions were rejected.

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Avodah Zarah 8

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 23, 2018 | ז׳ בשבט תשע״ח

The holidays on which one can’t do business with idol worshippers are specified and details relating to this are discussed.

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Avodah Zarah 9

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 24, 2018 | ח׳ בשבט תשע״ח

Different calculations are brought regarding historical events from the time of the second temple period and from the creation of the world. It was clear that different people counted years from different historical events and the gemara gives some tips for calculating what year one is in on one calendar if one knows what the year…

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Avodah Zarah 10

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 25, 2018 | ט׳ בשבט תשע״ח

The gemara finishes the discussion of the dating of documents and then attempts to define the different terms used by the mishna (holidays of the pagans). Stories about the positive relationship between Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi and Antoninus are brought, highlighting that not all theRomans were bad and some relied on us for advice and others risked their lives…

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Avodah Zarah 11

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 26, 2018 | י׳ בשבט תשע״ח

A story is brought about Onkelos the convert and how he was supposed to be brought before the caesar but instead he kept convincing all the troops who came to seize him to convert to Judaism. What is the basis of the argument between Rabbi Meir and the rabbis regarding whether it is forbidden to…

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Avodah Zarah 13

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 28, 2018 | י״ב בשבט תשע״ח

It is forbidden to purchase from stores in cities of idol worshippers (presumably during their holiday) that are decorated. Reish Lakish and Rabib Yochanan debate what the decoration is and why specifically those stores are forbidden. According to Rabbi Yochanan, the issue is because those stores pay tributes to the idols. Items purchased in a forbidden manner…

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Avodah Zarah 14

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 29, 2018 | י״ג בשבט תשע״ח

What items are forbidden to sell all year round to idol worshippers? It may depend on how many you sell (large quantities are for resale and therefore allowed), whether you sell them combined with other similar items that are not used for idol worship, or whether the buyer asked specifically for that item or didn’t…

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