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Avodah Zarah

Avodah Zarah 27

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 11, 2018 | כ״ו בשבט תשע״ח

Study Guide Avoda Zara 27 Can a non-Jew perform a brit mila on a Jew? What are the sources for the different opinions? If there is no Jew available, it is better if a Samaritan (Cuti) performs it or an idol worshipper? Can a woman perform a brit mila? Can a non-Jew perform a medical…

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Avodah Zarah 28

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 12, 2018 | כ״ז בשבט תשע״ח

Two different opinions are brought regarding if and when one can use a non-Jew as a doctor. Rav Yehuda says only for one’s animals and Rabbi Yochanan says as long as it’s not a life-threatening disease. However, there are exceptions such as an expert doctor whose reputation is on the line, if the doctor takes money…

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Avodah Zarah 29

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 13, 2018 | כ״ח בשבט תשע״ח

Shiur in memory of Enya bat Reuven. More remedies are described and also what foods/activities to avoid if one is sick. How can one get a haircut from a non-Jew and ensure that one won’t be killed? A Jew can give a haircut to a non-Jew but must be careful not to get near the…

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Avodah Zarah 30

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 14, 2018 | כ״ט בשבט תשע״ח

Which types of wine are not forbidden because of concern that a non-Jew may have used it as a libation for their idol worship? Which types of wines are we not concerned that if left uncovered, a snake may have come by and inserted its venom? What other types of foods/fruits that have liquids (are…

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Avodah Zarah 31

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 15, 2018 | ל׳ בשבט תשע״ח

If one gives items to non-Jews to watch do they need to be concerned that the non-Jew switched it with their own items? Can one buy wine from Samaritans? Is there a concern that non-Jews came in contact with the wine? Why is beer of non-Jews forbidden?

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Avodah Zarah 32

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 16, 2018 | א׳ באדר תשע״ח

The pottery shards that Hadrian used are described in detail. Since they have wine absorbed in them for the purpose of drinking, it is forbidden to derive benefit from them. But is one allowed to derive benefit from them if the benefit has nothing to do with the wine inside them, i.e. like using them…

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Avodah Zarah 34

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 18, 2018 | ג׳ באדר תשע״ח

Do glazed earthenware vessels absorb? To what extent? In what situation? Can it be kashered? Three questions were asked of Rabbi akiva and he didn’t know the answer to them and went to the beit midrash and found the answers, one of them related to the question of clay jars of non-Jews. Grape seeds and grape…

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Avodah Zarah 35

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 19, 2018 | ד׳ באדר תשע״ח

Study Guide Avoda Zara 35 What are the reasons that the rabbis decreed that cheese of non-Jews was forbidden for eating purposes, however one can benefit from them? The interaction in the mishna between Rabbi Yehoshua and Rabbi Yishmael regarding this issue is analyzed and is also brought as proof for the previous sugya about the difference between betrothing a…

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Avodah Zarah 36

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 20, 2018 | ה׳ באדר תשע״ח

The bread and oil of non-Jews is forbidden. Was permission granted to allow bread of non-Jews? If so, was it limited to particular circumstances? Why was the oil of non-Jews forbidden and then later permitted? Debate between Rav and Shmuel. Many questions are raised against Rav’s opinion. According to Rav, it was part of the…

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Avodah Zarah 37

By Michelle Cohen Farber / February 21, 2018 | ו׳ באדר תשע״ח

Study Guide Avoda Zara 37 Why didn’t Rabbi Yehuda Nesia permit bread of non-Jews? He didn’t want to be considered a permissive court, like Yosi benYoezer who permitted three things and was called “Yosef the permissive one.” Besides the oil of non-Jews, Yosi ben Yoezer permitted a case of a get where the husband dates the…

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