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Chullin 2

By Michelle Cohen Farber / November 29, 2018 | כ״א בכסלו תשע״ט

Who is allowed to slaughter animals? Can women? Something in the mishna is problematic and the gemara starts to bring an alternate explanation of the mishna in order to resolve the problem.

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Chullin 3

By Michelle Cohen Farber / November 30, 2018 | כ״ב בכסלו תשע״ט

In what specific cases are the different sections of the gemara referring to? Six rabbis each bring a different explanation. The gemara explains what motivated each one not to accept the explanation of the others.

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Chullin 5

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 2, 2018 | כ״ד בכסלו תשע״ט
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Chullin 6

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 3, 2018 | כ״ה בכסלו תשע״ט

Why did the rabbis forbid eating from shechita of the Cutim and forbade their wine? How did the rabbinic decrees relating to the Cutim change over time? Does one need to worry about demai (whether tithes were taken) in a food that contains produce from an am haaretz? If one gives the am haaretz the ingredients, in…

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Chullin 7

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 4, 2018 | כ״ו בכסלו תשע״ט

Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi made a big heiter – no need for tithing produce (that is not grapes, olives or grain) in Beit Shean as it is not considered Israel for those purposes. What is the story about the donkey of Rabbi Pinchas ben Yair who wouldn’t eat produce that was untithed? This story comes in the context of…

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Chullin 8

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 5, 2018 | כ״ז בכסלו תשע״ט

The gemara discusses uses of knives that were used for various purposes – can they be used for shechita or cutting meat, i.e. knives used to idol worship? or slaughtering a treifa?

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Chullin 9

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 6, 2018 | כ״ח בכסלו תשע״ט

What are laws that a Torah scholar needs to learn? A slaughterer needs to check the simanim after the shechita. If there is a concern after the shechita that the animal was possibly a treifa, one can still eat the meat as it was already permitted and it maintains its permitted status. However, this case…

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Chullin 10

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 7, 2018 | כ״ט בכסלו תשע״ט

If one finds that after the shechita the knife had nicks, was the shichta good – do we assume the nicks happened after the shechita or in the course of the shechita before the cutting of the simanim? Both options are discussed. One witness is sufficient for laws of forbidden items like shechita. What is…

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Chullin 12

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 9, 2018 | א׳ בטבת תשע״ט

From where do we derive that we follow the majority? Can one rely on the fact that a messenger that one appointed actually did the job? Does one need intent to slaughter?

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Chullin 13

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 10, 2018 | ב׳ בטבת תשע״ט

Can the thoughts of a minor be considered relevant? Acts of theirs that clearly show their intent? Acts that indicate indent but not clearly? Would there be considered only to be stringent or also to be lenient? What is the status of meat slaughtered by a non-Jew? By a heretic? Does one need to be concerned it…

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