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Chullin 26

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 23, 2018 | ט״ו בטבת תשע״ט

If water with dregs soaking in it considered water or wine? from what age is a girl able to be sold by her father as a maidservant, reject her husband (if married off by her brother or mother), a rapist has to pay a fine to her father, and when can she do chalitza? When do…

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Chullin 27

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 24, 2018 | ט״ז בטבת תשע״ט

  From where do we know that slaughtering is performed from the neck?

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Chullin 28

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 25, 2018 | י״ז בטבת תשע״ט

 Is the law that birds need to be slaughtered a Torah law or rabbinic? When they say one siman in the bird needs to be slaughtered, do they mean either siman or specifically the gullet? If precisely half was slaughtered, do we consider is that more than half is not unslaughtered and the shechita is…

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Chullin 29

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 26, 2018 | י״ח בטבת תשע״ט

Rav and Rav Kahane debate whether 50% is like majority or not. On what issue do they have this difference of opinion? The mishna repeats itself – why? Another argument is brought is it considered shechita from the beginning of the process or only at the end?

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Chullin 30

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 27, 2018 | י״ט בטבת תשע״ט

More questions are asked regarding the debate of does shechita start from the beginning or only at the end? If one slaughters in a few different places, is it valid? A few questions are asked regarding the disqualification of chalada? Can 2 people slaughter the same animal – with two knives or one? If one cut…

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Chullin 31

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 28, 2018 | כ׳ בטבת תשע״ט
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Chullin 33

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 30, 2018 | כ״ב בטבת תשע״ט

The gemara delves into Reish Lakish’s halacha that after the trachea is cut (before the gullet), if the lung gets punctured, the animal can still be eaten because the lung already “lost its life” through the slaughter of the trachea. Would the same hold true if the innards were punctured. Does the act of slaughtering,…

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Chullin 34

By Michelle Cohen Farber / December 31, 2018 | כ״ג בטבת תשע״ט

The gemara finishes the discussion relating to the case of the mishna. Within the context of that, a debate arises about whether Rabbi Yehoshua holds that chullin treated with the sanctity of kodashim can be effective in terms of transferring impurity like actual kodashim.

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Chullin 35

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 1, 2019 | כ״ד בטבת תשע״ט

The discussion relating to the status on one who eats chullin but treated it as truma or as kodashim continues – what is the person’s status regarding impurity? Rabbi Shimon stated in the mishna that shechita makes the animal susceptible to impurities – does he mean only shechita or also blood of the animal?

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Chullin 36

By Michelle Cohen Farber / January 2, 2019 | כ״ה בטבת תשע״ט

When we say that things that are sanctified are susceptible to impurities, it is the same as when liquids render items susceptible – that they become impure and can transmit impurities or are they not able to transmit impurities to other items?

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