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Chullin 139

By Michelle Cohen Farber / April 15, 2019 | 讬壮 讘谞讬住谉 转砖注状讟

What is a case of sanctified birds that are exempt from the mitzva of sending away the mother bird? In what cases is the mitzva applicable and in which cases is it not and how is this derived from the verses in the Torah?

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Chullin 140

By Michelle Cohen Farber / April 16, 2019 | 讬状讗 讘谞讬住谉 转砖注状讟

Does the word used in the Torah – tzipor聽– really mean only kosher birds? Why is one exempt if only the chicks are not kosher? Is one obligated if there is a barrier between the mother and the eggs? What if the mother is flying and not sitting? What if it is perched on branches…

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Chullin 141

By Michelle Cohen Farber / April 17, 2019 | 讬状讘 讘谞讬住谉 转砖注状讟

Is the mitzva to send off the mother bird, considered a negative commandment that is connected to a positive commandment that can “fix” it? Why are birds in dovecotes considered not in the possession of the owner for the purposes of the mitzva of sending the mother bird but is considered in the possession of…

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Chullin 142

By Michelle Cohen Farber / April 18, 2019 | 讬状讙 讘谞讬住谉 转砖注状讟

One who sends away the mother bird is promised long life – is this relating to this world or in the world to come?

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